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Principal Researcher

Mathematics & Foundation of Complex Systems Lab

ISI Foundation — Torino, Italy

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[NOTE Sept 2016: my previous website at just got hacked, hence the minimality of this website. More to come. ]

I am a Principal Researcher at ISI Foundation working on topological approaches to complex networks and their underlying geometry, with special attention to the topology of brain structure and dynamics.

Previously, I got my PhD at Imperial College London, focusing on the dynamical interplay between information spreading and congestion phenomena on networks, with particular attention to transportation networks.


Holes : a Python module for detecting, analysing and visualising persistent homological features of complex networks and correlation matrices.

Temporal Stability : a Python Module for computing temporal stability of network partitions. Details can be found in this PRE paper or on the ArXiv here.

Selected Publications

L.D. Lord, P. Expert, H.M. Fernandes, G. Petri, T.J. Van Hartevelt, G. Deco, et al. (2016). Measurement of Centrality from the Homological Scaffolds of Brain Functional Networks. (under review at Front. Syst. Neurosci.).

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G. Petri, P. Expert, F. Turkheimer, R. Carhart-Harris, D. Nutt, P. J. Hellyer and F. Vaccarino (2014) “Homological scaffolds of brain functional networks”, J. R. Soc. Interface 2014 11, 20140873. [link].

G. Petri and P. Expert (2014) “Temporal stability for network partitions”, Phys. Rev. E 90, 022813. [link].

A. Cardillo, G. Petri, V. Nicosia, R. Sinatra, J. Goméz-Gardeñes and V. Latora, (2014) “Evolutionary dynamics of time-resolved social interactions”, Phys. Rev. E 90, 052825.

G. Petri, M. Scolamiero, I. Donato and F. Vaccarino (2013) “Topological strata of weighted complex networks”, PLoS ONE 8(6): e66506.

  • G. Petri, P. Expert, H. J. Jensen and J. W. Polak (2013) “Entangled communities and spatial synchronization lead to criticality in urban traffic”, Scientific Reports 10.1038/srep01798.

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